These are the stories of the land. The stories of how the land still sustains the people. All the medicines we need are on the land. The air, the water, the fish, the soil, the plants and the animals. When we ignore our connection to the land, we become sick. What is our responsibility to the land and to future generations of life on Earth?

This project, Listening and Remembering, is sharing a series of multi-media stories of the land and peoples who are returning to stewardship. The purpose of the stories is to inspire people to make change in the way we live, to return to living in connection and balance with the Earth. The stories acknowledge that every living person has a role to play, and we all need our relationship with the Earth to survive. And so, the stories are told from different perspectives. We hear the perspective of our relatives, the plants and animals. We hear the perspective of indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. And we also hear from settler folks who are committed to change.

July, 2017

Listening and Remembering proudly presents, Root Camp 2017, a 20-minute documentary short which follows an intrepid group of rewilders on their journey to connect with the land through foraging edible roots in the steppe-land near Spokane.

Filmed in late March of 2017 over 10 days out on the land, and edited from the mobile film van.

January, 2017

I’m proud to present, Winter at Unist’ot’en, a documentary short that I produced about Unist’ot’en Camp, as they work to protect their traditional territories from the encroachment of frack gas and oil pipelines. Working with the Wet’suwet’en peoples and their supporters is humbling and profound. I want to continue to share the beauty of Nature and the stories of resurgence of human cultures of balance spreading throughout the land. Enjoy!